A-B to SoftPLC Conversion Kit for up to 8 I/O racks SMABx-KITR-1K

A-B to SoftPLC Conversion Kit for up to 8 I/O racks SMABx-KITR-1K

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SoftPLC: A-B Conversions

Continuing to use obsolete Allen-Bradley equipment is costly - not only due to spare parts costs, but also in reduced productivity because of proprietary communication network limitations, memory limits, and other limitations in older technology such as programming and maintenance software not being able to run on new PC's.

SoftPLC is the only product that provides smooth, inexpensive migration and upgrade paths for users of Allen-Bradley PLC's - in most cases superior to paths that Rockwell Automation provides!

SoftPLC has on staff engineers that previously worked for Allen-Bradley, and others that have many years of experience with A-B PLC products. We have converted hundreds of A-B PLC systems - providing customers with a superior controller CPU, while retaining their original controls investment in I/O and engineering.
SMS11-1KSmart SoftPLC
SM-ABRIOMSmart Internal A-B RIO Master Interface
ICO-PS1524DIN-rail P/S for Smart SoftPLC, AC in, 24VDC out, 15W
SPAB-TR A-B PLC SoftPLC Raw Conversion Service
In most cases, the original I/O racks/modules, field wiring, and HMI/SCADA can be left intact or require only minimal changes. Then, over time, you can retrofit other parts of the system (eg: drives, I/O, HMI) as it makes sense to do so. With SoftPLC's open architecture PACs, you have a lot of options and virtually unlimited capacity!

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