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The SLC DART data acquisition and mold pressure control card, developed by RJG Inc., is part of the Rockwell Automation Encompass Program of complementary products from third-party manufacturers. It is designed to enhance injection molding applications controlled by Rockwell's SLC-5/03 (or later) Injection Molding Control System. The SLC DART accepts mold pressure, screw position or hydraulic pressure transducer inputs through an interface located on the module, or digital signal input over the SLC processor's backplane. The card is designed to provide a simple method of monitoring the variables of the process. It also controls machine transfer. The module communicates mold pressure data across the SLC controller's backplane to the SLC DART for level comparison. This comparison is based on the molder's selection of a control set-point at which the machine will transfer from fill to pack, or pack to hold. In addition, each of the two channels of input data is sampled every 10 milliseconds. Using these samples, the card calculates a summary table of information including peak, time-to-peak, peak integral, trigger integral, cycle integral and all sequence times from the molding machine. Alarm bits are set if summary values go outside of the operator's alarm limit settings.


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